Aquatic Therapy Pools; Rehab at Home

Limited mobility, chronic pain, confined to wheelchair or bed?

Whether by creation or evolution (both?) we humans benefit being vertical part of each day, particularly
when exercising, for healthy organ function and spinal alignment. Experience the power of possibility in
warm water with vertical exercise, erect and proud!
The Vertical Pool is efficient in energy, water, and
space.  The design allows exercise, traction, and rehab
in vertical, horizontal, and seated positions. 3' of pool
depth in-    ground and 3' above ground.  The aquatic
therapy pool has a depth of 5' 7"

Therapy pools are for rent, lease, or purchase
Inspired by the need of our returning Warriors and all Veterans;
Instant therapy .... Just add water!
The people for whom the aquatic therapy pool was created are often intimidated by the water
power of swim-against jets.  This is a passive therapy pool, without a forced current, focused on
the needs of a pool for elderly, geriatric, disabled,  amputee, physically challenged, as well as those
incontinent for the benefits of healing in water.  The user can dictate the intensity of the workout
with weights, paddles, and other resistance tools.

The Vertical Pool is for all who desire the benefits of aquatic exercise  and buoyancy in the privacy
and convenience of the home with family, away from public scrutiny and the bacterial issues of
shared water.
See sanitation comments and link on Specifications page.
Dog Therapy Pool
If the pooch can't go for a walk, due to trauma or
physical restriction, then take him for a swim .... and it's
great for weight reduction as well.
See top of Resources page for a 20 picture slide show of
dogs in the pool at New Beginnings Therapy Center,
Waimanalo, Hawaii.
Pool Lift Access
A Hoyer or Smartlift can raise patients from
wheel chair or bed and lower them onto the
seat in the pool, accessible from either side.
The extended "feet" of the lift slip into
cavities designed into and under the seats
and stern.
Portable Pool
-Comprised of light-weight parts, carried into or through
buildings, this pool can be installed in difficult-to-access
sites, down or up stairs, garages, and even on hillsides.
-Total dry weight of all parts and components is 800 lbs
for easy transport in a pickup truck.
-For international transport and delivery the pool crated is
4'x6'x6', or about 144 cubic feet.
Treadmill Pool
Whether rent or purchase, the optional
treadmill (
complements the pool for vertical exercise.
Lightweight and removable, this device
accommodates most people.

.... and ....
.... most of all ....

       .... don't forget ....

                        .... to dance!
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